Crepe makers

Crepe makers are an essential part of a modern kitchen as they come in handy when making crepes, pancakes and galettes. People tend to mistake a professional crepe maker for a regular pan or a crepe pan. However, a crepe maker is different from these pans as they are more efficient in making your crepes as thin as you want them.

Although they are made explicitly for making crepes, crepe maker's efficiency extends into cooking pancakes and galettes. Therefore, owning a crepe maker for a modern kitchen and catering business can never be a loss.

Types of Crepe Makers

There are two main types of crepe makers in the market today;


To most people, stovetop crepe makers are like frying pans because they have a traditional design. Some people may prefer a stovetop over electric crepe makers because they are easier to clean. Also, they vary in size and material, meaning it is easier to find one that suits your needs. These types of crepe makers also boast versatility. Hence, one can make those delicious brown-crispy-edged crepes with one of these.


An electric crepe maker is the best choice for anyone who frequently cooks for large groups as they promote a faster crepes making process. Stovetop crepe makers are more efficient than their electric counterparts, especially for beginners.

Waffle makers

Anyone planning to make waffles in their business should make a cast-iron waffle maker or waffle iron part of their kitchen equipment. Waffle irons are simple appliances that one can use to create unique treats for their families and catering business. Nowadays, it is easier to find a waffle iron that suits your need as there are many different models available in the market.

Below are some of the most popular types of waffle makers.

Classic Round Waffle Maker

These are the most common waffle irons in the world today. With their distinctly round shape, they make waffles that resemble the ready-made varieties in the stores.

Others include;

  • Belgian waffle iron
  • Heart waffle iron
  • Square waffle iron
  • Ceramic waffle iron
  • Flip waffle iron